Schwarz und Weiß

Schwarz und Weiß is my flagship football website and news information site, an ongoing and ever-growing labour of love consisting of almost five hundred pages centred on the German national team. Match reports, player and coach biographies, facts, stats, analysis… You will find it all there. Even geeky tables, graphs and pie charts illustrating the representation of players from the former East Germany who have played in the unified Nationalmannschaft since 1990.

Schwarz und Weiß would start off in the summer of 2010 as an off-the-cuff project about the German Nationaltrikot – inspired by an ten-minute conversation with a work colleague about the distinctive “patchwork” green short worn by the German team in Turin during their penalty shootout victory over England in 1990. That very evening I would find myself setting up yet another WordPress site and posting up some photos of my version of this famous Trikot – and from there I would take photographs of my entire collection and do a little writeup on each.

The rest, as they say, is history – the Trikots section remains on the site and has become a very popular feature with visitors, but has become just one part of a resource that in the past three years has just kept on growing. From feature-length articles on past coaches to a selection of potted biographies of one-match wonders, there is something on the site to satisfy the interest of anyone even vaguely interested in the German national team.

The core feature of Schwarz und Weiß is without doubt the in-depth tournament match reports – which has required my watching and re-watching of all of Germany’s final tournament matches since 1974. This has involved watching some glorious moments – Italia 1990, England 1996, the 4-0 demolition of Argentina in 2010 – through some right stinkers. Though the less said these the better.

As well as being an ever-growing resource – arguably the most comprehensive site on the Nationalmannschaft in the English language – this site will serve as the basis for one of my upcoming book projects.

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