Some might say that keeping this small site and the ever-growing Schwarz und Weiß is a project in itself, but this is just the beginning of what promises to be a busy 2013/14 season, culminating in what I hope will be a couple of books by the summer of 2014.

As well as keeping things up to date on Schwarz und Weiß with the continuation of Germany’s path to the World Cup finals in Brazil, there will be a selection of other non-Nationalmannschaft pieces on my blog on this site – the aim being to widen my portfolio.

The Book Projects

Those who have followed my writing and read some of my tweets will be aware of my plan to put together two books by the summer of 2014, the first on my relationship with FC Bayern München and the second on the recent history of the German national team.

Having followed FC Bayern for over three decades, with this year’s triumphant treble I finally felt that things could not get any better after what has been thirty-three entertaining and at times painful years following the club – the perfect time to put my memories down on paper. Well OK, Microsoft Word.

Provisionally titled The Pain and the Glory, I have intended this to be a stream of consciousness work. The reasons for this are simple: rather than yet another dry club history, it will be from a fan’s perspective, complete with personal anecdotes and memories of how things were for me at the time. The idea is that it will resonate with Bayern fans of all ages, particularly those who might have enjoyed – or suffered – the same experiences.

The second project is a more statistical piece, covering the history of the German national team between 1974 and 2014. Provisionally titled Forty Years of German Glory, the work will cover all of Germany’s competitive matches from the 1974 World Cup – including full squads, team lineups and detailed statistics of every qualifying and tournament match: in short, the ultimate compendium and reference work.

In addition to these two football book projects, there is a third also in the pipeline focussing on the Kehlsteinhaus on the Obersalzberg in Bavaria. Essentially a photographic reference work, this will be tied up with my long-standing (and recently refurbished) website dedicated to the history of this fascinating mountain eyrie.

For updates on these projects and even the odd little preview snippet, keep a keen eye on the Blog. Better still, you can bookmark this site or follow me on Facebook and Twitter. As things develop I will also start looking for suitable publishers, so if you are one or know anybody in the trade, be sure to let me know.

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