Over the years I’ve built quite a few websites, covering a range of different genres from military history and architecture through to what is probably my largest football project, Schwarz und Weiß – which you probably used to find yourself here.

Given that Schwarz und Weiß is solely dedicated to the German national team, I felt that there was a need to set up something else to cover all of my other writing on football and sport in general, and with it the additional morsel of culinary comment – providing an additional meaning to the “chef” part of my Twitter handle.

So if you see a Bundesliga report quickly followed by a restaurant review or some photographs of my latest kitchen creation, don’t worry – it’s not a mistake.

For some, there's Mecca. For others, the Allianz Arena...
For some, there’s Mecca. For others, the Allianz Arena…

With Schwarz und Weiß covering the Nationalmannschaft, here you will be able to catch my other football musings – with an emphasis on FC Bayern München, a club I have been following for the last thirty plus years. There will be a small section of my collection of FC Bayern Trikots, as well as a complete listing of all of my articles on the excellent Bundesliga Fanatic.

Of course, feel free to comment on any of the articles, and to keep up to date you can either follow me on Twitter – @fussballchef, natürlich – or the Schwarz und Weiß page on Facebook. I didn’t want to write yet another autobiographical portrait here – or worse still, copy and paste it from elsewhere – so if you really want to find out a little more about me you can do so here.

Mit freundlichen Fußballgrüßen!

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